The overall outcome of this stage is to transform your business potential, enhance its visibility and improve its ability to make a convincing business case to customers.

Leveraging our position as Cisco’s leading distributor, at this stage you should be applying to Cisco to become Partner Plus Aspire and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

Partner Plus helps you to develop through soft-skills training, bootcamps and the Cisco Services Expert Program. This sets you on the road to success as a Cisco partner.

As a Cisco Select Partner you can benefit from access to Cisco Channel Incentive Programs (OIP, TIP, SIP and VIP discounts). Your Comstor Account Manager will take you through all the registration steps required to ensure you are getting best pricing and rebates.

Comstor is here to help you develop your Cisco practice and your business potential. Comstor offers support to develop a Cisco marketing plan and can provide you with demo equipment such as the Cisco remote lab dCloud.

What you get

  • Technical updates and workshops

    Relevant knowledge will increase your selling ability. We provide you with the most up-to-date technical information and training on Cisco technology and affinity vendors, completing the Cisco solution.

  • Demo equipment and support

    We can support you to set up a testing or proof-of-concept (POC) environment in three ways:

    • Through Comstor demo equipment in our locations.
    • Through Cisco’s remote lab dCloud.
  • Certification support

    We provide a free training-needs analysis to help you attain and maintain Cisco accreditations that will increase your profitability.

  • Marketing workshops

    Learn how to create a Cisco marketing plan, leveraging campaigns, tools and services available from Cisco.

  • Mentor programme

    Mentor is a global award-winning partner enablement programme that helps Cisco partners deliver significant revenue growth.

    In fact, on average, partners can expect to see more than 64% year-on-year growth through participating in the Mentor programme.

    It helps you understand how to plan, engage and generate revenues for your business and has been in place for more than eight years, helping 200-plus partners grow their business with Cisco. Use it to:

    • Attend ComMENT, a conference for you, Comstor and Cisco executives, where you can have peer-to-peer discussions, workshops and networking opportunities.
    • Create and execute a Cisco-centric business plan for your business, helping you increase your level of revenue and profitability.
    • Get one-to-one business planning and mentoring.


  • Sales excellence and soft-skills training

    • Instead of talking about technology, translate solutions into processes that drive hard cash flows, like net revenue, internal rates of return and payback periods.
    • Speak the language of the board and address key executive concerns.
    • Prepare a technical business case for a non-technical decision maker.

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Sales excellence and soft-skills training
  • Technical updates and workshops
  • Demo equipment and support
  • Certification support training
  • Marketing workshops
  • Certification support
  • Mentor programme
  • Comstor assets

What you get from Cisco

At the Aspire level of Cisco Partner Plus, you gain access to a wide range of incentives, programmes, tools and assets, including:


Engage with us: 01285 647001

Stage two: Develop your Cisco business

Develop Partner Checklist

Develop Partner Checklist

Access channel incentive program for OIP, PIP, FIP and VIP rebates

Request guidance from your Comstor Account Manager
on rebates

Apply to join the Comstor
mentor programme

Use Comstor support to develop a Cisco marketing plan

Benefit from the marketing campaigns, tools and services available from Cisco

Take advantage of Partner Plus sales excellence and
soft-skills training

Take part in certification
support training

Use demo equipment, access to the Cisco remote lab dCloud and ACI Lab to help build your business case with customers

Apply to move from Aspire
to Prestige

Utilise Cisco Sales Connect

Use Fast Track promotions

Access Partner Help Plus

Have a free Training
Needs Analysis

Explore your best discounts with your Comstor Account Manager

Use Comstor SmartPlus to deliver full services without investment

Undertake Cisco Aspire Training

Attend the Comstor Aspire Marketing Sessions

Work with Comstor
Product Managers

To understand each
Cisco Architecture

Use the Comstor remote D-Cloud lab as proof of concept

Plan growth and Incentives via Cisco Partner Program

Follow the Aspire roadmap on Cisco Partner Plus

Take advantage of every element of support as a Develop partner. Once complete you are ready to move to Grow and apply for Cisco Partner Plus Prestige.

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